Committed to deliver innovation and business excellence across all sectors of online trading

ProfitCenter was established in 2012. Company’s main focus that days was algorithmic high frequency trading. Since 2012 Profit Center developed many unique solutions for financial industry and core of all that technologies is understanding of how markets are working from the side of Brokers, Market Makers and Traders.


Our mission is to build a business environment where technology and flexibility keep companies focused on their targets. Our services are always ahead of the market’s needs and scalable to serve a wide range of clients.


Today, the company has more than 70 employees in Ukraine, Russia and Hungary.


Holistic Approach to Trading Systems

With innovation-driven growth and a high performing technology,
ProfitCenter provides everything you need to prevail in global financial markets.


Ready-made system for all brokerage operations, including trading terminal, pricing engine, backoffice CRM and a fully branded cabinet for clients.

Advanced technology for trading Forex and stocks, ICO cloud mining and Crypto exchanging, with direct access to our Equinix NY4 and LD4 data centers.


Seamless integration with the most popular merchant providers, making the payment processing for your clients faster and more secure.

Direct connection to liquidity providers by FIX protocol and powerful trading server, sending orders with a speed of more than 1 million transactions per second.


Explore Our Milestones

March 2012

Launch of ECN

For USA customers high performance and ultra low latency, proprietary ECN was launched. It is able to process more than 1 million orders and 1 million  quotes per second. Order processing time is less than 100 nanoseconds.

March 2012-2016

Liquidity Aggregation

ProfitCenter actively develops liquidity aggregation technologies and marketmaking algorithms through which took place about 5% of the world’s FOREX retail turnover volume.

March 2014

Trading Platform Launched

In-house Trading Platform and Back-Office provision for institutional clients, mainly from USA and UK.

March 2016

Launch of Brokerage Setup

Turnkey brokerage solution has been launched. It includes Web, Mobile and Desktop Platform, CRM, Client Cabinet, Affiliate System and Cabinet and integration with PSPs.

March 2017

Mining Platform

Launch of Mining Contracts Platform. Product allows clients of companies, that provide cloud mining services, to trade mining servers with each other.

March 2018

Introducing Crypto Exchange

Launch of product Crypto Exchange 2 in 1. Set of unique functionality, targeted to make market more efficient both for trader and exchange owner

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